Curriculum Enhancements



Exposure to a second language at an early age has the potential to lay a foundation for future learning. It offers children new ways of thinking about the concept of language and other cultures in the world around them. Preschoolers and Pre-Kindergartners at Jack and Jill Childcare receive weekly Spanish instruction in a relaxed environment through fun, creative activities that promote language recognition and literacy.

We will be taking our Spanish exposure to a new level for all toddler and preschool classrooms. All preschool and toddler staff are being trained on how to incorporate Spanish into daily routines. Amy Timm is a Preschool Spanish Educator who will be training our staff each quarter. Amy will teach us how to add new Spanish vocabulary into daily routines such as large group time, small group time, meals, and even potty training! She will use our curriculum themes to develop vocabulary just for our kids!

Each week, your will receive a list of Spanish vocabulary words that we are working on in the classroom so that you can learn right along with us! We will combine our Spanish & Sign Language Curriculum for faster, more effective learning for the children, teaches, and parents!

Sign Language


Jack and Jill Childcare teachers make extensive use of sign language with infants and toddlers, as it can help decrease the amount of frustration children have in communicating their needs before they are able to speak. Instruction in American Sign Language is also offered on a weekly bases in most classrooms.
All infant and toddler staff will participate in sign language training. We will be adding new vocabulary signs for our teachers to share with their children and families each week depending on the curriculum theme.

Each week, your will receive a list of Sign Language vocabulary words that we are working on in the classroom so that you can learn right along with us!

Sign language vocabulary is used every day in all of our classrooms. The increased training that our teachers will be receiving will allow all of our teachers to increase their knowledge of sign. We will also provide our parents with an opportunity to learn the signs that we use through classes and printed resources.

Music in Motion



Jack and Jill Childcare is excited to provide our preschool children with a FREE music in motion curriculum unlike any other program offered at area centers!
Music in Motion is a learning adventure of music and movement with songs and activities promoting fitness and creative expression. The class includes creative movement, fun with props, dance expression, and tumbling. Classes invite creativity and offer activities that support musical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, and large/small motor development. Click here for more detailed information.

Optional Dance


A talented dance instructor offers on-site dance instruction during the day once a week to students at Jack and Jill Childcare for an additional fee. This is a convenient way to introduce your children to music and movement without having to schedule a separate lesson after a busy day. Click here for details.